Facility Management - Checking 200 traps in 1 minute

Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (cooperative housing association).

45 departments, 3.300 apartments rodent controled with 200 TrapMe.

We save a lot of time"

— Poul Christensen, Facility Manager, Salus, Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (cooperative housing association)

"Signals from the traps are reliable. We are covering huge basements, technic ducts and lower basements and we get signals from all of them"

— Vagn Hansen, Sewer & Rodent certified, Håndværkergården

"The Portal is very fast and easy to learn and it makes it easy to manage the system, to see if there is catches, open or closed traps"

— Martin Hansen,Construction Department, Håndværkergården

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