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“We have bought 20 additional traps from TrapMe, because we are facing a demolition of some neighboring old buildings, where we are afraid that the rats will seek into our building on the other side of the road.”

— Poul Christensen, Facility Manager, Salus, Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (cooperative housing association)

"TrapMe is easy to use, easy to install and works immediatly through the Portal"

— Michael Thalbitzer, Manager - Toxin

"The best thing about using TrapMe is the workflow, but also, the environmental protection of using a 24/7 monitoring."

— Thomas Viborg, MyreExpressen Skadedyrskontrol

"TrapMe gives us the assurance, that we will not get rodents inside, which may destroy installations."

— Glenn Sejerup, Production Manager at Esbjerg Farve- & Lakfabrik

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