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General information about personal data via website or portal

Personal data is all kinds of information which can to some extent or other be attributed to you. When you use our website or portal, we collect and process personal data. Personal data is collected and processed for example when you access content, sign up as a user or if you sign up for our newsletter.

The information is used to identify you as a user and show you the advertisements that will most likely be relevant for you and any registrations and to be able to deliver the services that you have requested such as for instance sending a newsletter. In addition to this, we use the information to optimise our services and content.


TrapMe A/S uses cookies to save information about your log-in and to optimise your user data and to collect general statistics on the traffic on the website. If you do not want data to be collected about you, you should delete your cookies and abstain from any further use of the website.

Collection of personal data outside the website

In connection with customer relations and the publication of newsletters, we have recorded only general personal data, first, middle and last name, company-related direct e-mail and telephone numbers (IP address to be used on the Portal for security reasons). Please note that we do not collect or record sensitive personal data in our systems and as always we will handle your e-mail address, direct telephone numbers and IP address with great care. The personal data will be handled only by TrapMe A/S. We never sell personal data or share personal data with collaborators or third parties.

Your right to be forgotten

You can cancel our newsletters at any time by writing us directly or by clicking on unsubscribe in the top corner of the newsletters. In addition, you can ask us to delete your personal data if our customer relationship ends. We will then stop sending newsletters and delete your personal data from our files. Your personal data is kept only as long as necessary to be able to comply with the above-mentioned purposes, including purposes laid down in other legislation.


TrapMe A/S has internally laid down a number of security requirements for the processing of personal data. The requirements mean among other things that employees of TrapMe A/S are to treat personal data as confidential and that IT systems must meet a number of requirements that are tightened on an ongoing basis in line with technical developments.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact us: trapme@trapme.dk

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