The right partnerships create growth.
Read Telit's case on TrapMe in their 2019 annual report
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What makes TrapMe so special?
Click here and find out
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TrapMe welcomes new CEO
I am happy to be able to announce that on the 1st of April, I started as CEO at TrapMe.
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Hedensted Municipality upgrade green control strategy with 1000 TrapMe traps
Using TrapMe traps, for example, Hedenested Municipality has intensified their green control strategy and reduced the consumption of poison. Hear Marie Elise Sørensen, Technical Administration at Hedensted Municipality, talk about green fighting on Hjarnø.
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Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (cooperative housing association) strengthens their preventive efforts against rats
Sønderborg Cooperative Association is faced with the demolition of several old warehouses - just opposite some of their buildings. They will therefore make a preventive effort against the possible rat infestation in the old warehouses.
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Toxin uses TrapMe as a preventive solution
Toxin uses TrapMe as a preventive solution. Then their costumers always know what’s going on in and around the buildings where Toxin has contracts. Michael Thalbitzer tells more here:
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MyreExpressen Skadedyrskontrol like rats - and like to catch them with TrapMe
TrapMe plays a major role in the controlling of pests at MyreExpressen. TrapMe means, that they can save time, facilitate more effective planning and manage more contracts in less time. They can monitor their traps via TrapMe’s portal and they will get a notification if a trap is triggered.
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TrapMe helps Esbjerg Paints to keep rodents out
Production Manager, Glenn Sejerup from Esbjerg Paints, is fond of the non-toxic traps from TrapMe. Thomas from MyreExpressen has set up the traps and controls them. Through 24/7 monitoring there is always control of whether rodents are present near the factory.
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Sjællands Skadedyrsservice has great benefit from TrapMe
TrapMe is a good solution for Sjællands Skadedyrsservice and the owner Peter Fisker Lassen.
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Facility Management - Checking 200 traps in 1 minute
Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (cooperative housing association). 45 departments, 3.300 apartments rodent controled with 200 TrapMe.
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TrapMe - Telit tells the good story about us
Telit has been so inspired by our TrapMe trap - the successful combination of efficiency and simplicity - that they just had to tell the good story about us
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