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TrapMe is a Danish company helping the pest control industry to digitise its operations through portals, products, knowledge sharing and training.

The beginning - TrapMe

​In 2015, the CB Svendsen group began to develop our first product - a rodent trap and a portal to manage them. TrapMe was one of the group brands, but on 1 July 2020 TrapMe ApS became an independent company.

Jakob B. Svendsen, CEO - CB Svendsen

We’ve always been driven by the curiosity of developing something new and which at times looked impossible, but succeeded in the end. The joy that comes from seeing something being created, the process itself from the first idea to the finished product, has always been a strong driving force for us. When my brother and I first met with the people behind TrapMe at the end of 2015, it was a project with a great idea and a great patent, but the technology needed help. What interested us was the incredible commitment they had, the infectious belief that they were creating something that could really make a difference.

Martin B. Svendsen, CTO – CB Svendsen​

One branch of CB Svendsen is the development and production of IoT technology (Internet of Things) for the remote operation of products and machinery, or remote reading of energy/water meters. It was exactly the technology and knowhow they needed to complete the development of the rodent trap and the web-based portal to manage and monitor them.

We were impressed by their positive energy and spirit, and when the possibility arose of buying the patent and the project, we were in absolutely no doubt. It was tailor-made for our company.

In order to develop the idea even further, we gathered feedback and help from many of the pest control industry’s top consultants and technicians. Skilled and dedicated people who could tell us about the conditions that the traps needed to work in, legislation, working methods, and more.We quickly learned that the standard traps in use were not optimal, so alongside the electronics and the IoT solution we developed a trap which was unique in and of itself without electronics. I’d venture to say that even without electronics, there is no better rodent trap than ours.

An important part of a IoT-solution is the portal itself, where you visualise, manage and monitor your traps. Here too, we used people from the pest control industry to help develop a portal that could easily and precisely give them what they needed.

The future

When the TrapMe solution hit the Danish market in August 2017, it was immediately apparent that the idea had become a reality, and that it was a unique tool for the pest control professional.

In August 2017 we delivered the first traps for the Danish market to pest control professionals, facility management and municipalities that handle their own pest control services. Common to them all is that they are authorised pest control professionals. Since the concept phase, the collaboration with the pest control professionals has been completely unique and it is extremely rewarding to be able to supply them with the TrapMe solution that they helped to shape. But the partnership doesn’t stop here, not in terms of ideas for new possibilities or the daily use of traps. The data that the trap reports to the portal allows the pest control

professional to manage and monitor a large number of traps, but also to perform analysis on the data that is collected. Some may call it Big Data (large volumes of data used for analysis), but we just call it an excellent pest control tool.

Kim Lauridsen Hansen joined the TrapMe branch of CB Svendsen on 1 January 2018. Kim came from a position as Danish CEO for one of Europe’s largest pest control industry suppliers. The goal was to establish a distribution network. First in Europe, then in the United States and Australia. 

Kim Lauridsen Hansen, CCO -TrapMe​

In continuation of this, we strengthened our position at the beginning of 2020 with the addition of Stig B. Lyngsie as CEO. Stig came from a position as COO in a large international SaaS enterprise (software as a service).​

​Stig B. Lyngsie, CEO TrapMe

Our mission

​TrapMe is a ’Software as a Service’ development company with one clear aim: To help the pest control industry digitise their way of operating!

We do that by identifying areas where operations can be transitioned from manual to automated and where field-based tools can be improved. When we develop, it is always based on input from our customers and pest control experts. We bring our solutions to market by strong partnerships with dedicated and specially selected distributors. As a software company, we know that customer service and success are essential and part of our mission is to ensure that our products are simple, robust and with a user-friendly IT interface.

Our vision

​Our vision is to become the leading global provider of IoT solutions within the pest controlindustry!

We want to build a customer-centric organisation where quality, user-friendliness, simplicity and customer success are in focus and where we are trusted by our customers and partners to innovate and deliver tomorrow’s tools for pest control management.

Our values

​As a customer-centric software company, we must ensure that our focus is always sharply aimed at our customers’ success with our products and that their needs are fulfilled when they use our products.

External values:

Quality, trustworthiness and service

Internal values:

Integrity, respect, passion and accountability

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